In English

Tulenkantajat Bookstore is the heart of Tampere literature scene.

Lot of poetry readings and book launches, also in English. Finnish novels and poetry translated to English. Finnish comics. Travel guides. Anarchistic atmosphere. Coffee available and young lazy poets loitering.

There’s also a small Author’s museum hidden inside of the store. You can find “the poet’s coat” which has belonged to five important Finnish poets since 1963 or Mirkka Rekola’s, the most significant Finnish aphorists, legendary headpiece or Eeva-Liisa Manner’s typing machine.

You can find the schedule from kalenteri or from the showcase.

Tulenkantajat is a hang-around of the local poets, so don’t hesitate to ask anything about the history of the store or the traditions or the latest news about Finnish literature. If you are lucky, you might pop up in the middle of the dispute of various poetic schools of thoughts.

Teos & Tulenkantajat Bookstore
Hämeenpuisto 25
33210 Tampere

+358 45 348 9688

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